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No, the tenant is not typically responsible for gutter cleaning in a rental in the Mornington Peninsula.

In the context of Melbourne rental properties, major maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters, usually fall under the landlord’s obligations. This is because such activities are related to the property’s overall structural integrity and safety.

However, it’s always essential for tenants to refer to their specific lease agreement concerning cleaning gutters. The document might be clauses that deviate from the general rule.

This blog will talk more about the rental laws for repair and maintenance in Victoria.

What Are the Rental Laws for Repair and Maintenance in Victoria?

Tenants are expected to keep the property they are renting in good order. The exterior features of a rental include tending to the gardens, ensuring the exterior remains tidy, handling minor repairs, and other comparable tasks. For any tasks that necessitate a licenced or registered tradesperson, such as cleaning second storey gutters, the tenant must not undertake this work unless they execute it to a tradesperson’s standard.

It is often advisable for the tenant to liaise with their property manager for these sorts of tasks, ensuring they aren’t held accountable for any resultant damages. This also guarantees their safety, as professionals are better equipped and experienced to handle the job. The tenant typically does not bear the costs unless they directly instigated the damage.

On the other hand, landlords are expected to organise and fund all repairs and damages not inflicted by the renter. If the tenant’s safety is jeopardised due to required repairs or property damage, then it’s deemed urgent and must be promptly addressed by the landlord. If the tenant can reside on the property without risk, it’s seen as a non-urgent repair. However, the landlord still has a fortnight to address it.

To avoid issues and ensure clear communication between all parties involved in a rental agreement, it’s beneficial to understand the laws regarding repairs and maintenance for rental properties. Thus, tenants, landlords, and property managers should acquaint themselves with the rules and requirements of their locality.

Who Should Pay for the Cost of Gutter Damage in a Rental?

The landlord is typically responsible for paying the cost of gutter damage in a rental that isn’t caused by the renter. Here are some general guidelines based on common rental practices in the area:

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