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Yes, moss is bad for gutters. Moss can retain moisture, which can lead to corrosion or damage to the gutters, especially if they are made of metal.

Additionally, as the moss grows and expands, it can block the flow of water. Water blockage can cause gutters to overflow and potentially damage the property’s foundations or walls.

A reputable gutter cleaning specialist will ensure home gutters are free from obstructions such as moss to prevent unnecessary repairs in the future.

For this post, we’ll expand more about moss and why you should remove them from your roofing and gutters.

What Causes Moss to Grow on the Roof?

Moss grows on roofs due to a combination of factors:

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Why Should I Remove Moss From Roofing and Gutters?

The following are the main reasons why you should remove moss from your roofing and gutters:

Structural Integrity

Moss retains moisture against the surface of the roof and gutters. Over time, this constant dampness can lead to the deterioration of roofing materials, especially if they’re made of wood or asphalt shingles. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause these materials to rot or degrade, reducing their lifespan and potentially leading to leaks or structural damage.

Proper Water Flow

When moss grows in gutters, it can obstruct the water flow, causing it to overflow. This can lead to water damage along the fascia, soffit, or even the home’s foundation. Proper drainage is vital to protecting the structural integrity of a home, and moss blockages can compromise this.

Aesthetic Appeal

While some homeowners might appreciate the rustic look moss brings, it’s an unwelcome and unsightly blemish for many. Moss can make a home appear neglected and can detract from its overall curb appeal. Removing moss is crucial for homeowners considering selling their property or simply wanting to maintain a clean and attractive exterior.

How Do Professionals Remove Moss From Roofs?

Professionals remove moss from roofs by typically using a combination of specialised tools and solutions. Initially, they might gently brush or scrape off the bulk of the moss to reduce the volume. This is often done with soft brushes to avoid damaging the roofing material.

Once the bulk of the moss is removed, they apply a moss-killing solution, which could be a commercially available product or a mixture of bleach and water.